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ویلای The Jewel Box، در قطعه زمینی طولانی و باریک، با اختلاف ارتفاعی قابل توجه، قرار دارد. مشرف به یکی از سواحل لوزان و بزرگترین دریاچه سوئیس، کارفرما خانه ­ای می­ خواست که دید حداکثری به مناظر شمال و غرب داشته باشد. برای مواجهه با توپوگرافی سایت، تصمیم گرفته شد تا خانه، فرمی منطبق با آن داشته باشد و به همین دلیل، بنا به دو قسمت در دو ارتفاع، تقسیم شد. علاوه بر فرم مستطیل اولیه بنا، پوسته بیرونی به سمت خارج و بالا، گسترش یافته و دیوار سبز ایجاد کرده است. 

design paradigms builds eco-friendly jewel box villa in switzerlandمالکیت این بنا در اختیار یک مشاور محیط زیست است، 

در نتیجه ضروری بود تا تیم طراحی "Design Paradigms"، بنایی طراحی کند که منطبق بر تصورات مالک باشد، همچنین تجربیات مالک در خارج از کشور یعنی آسیا هم، در نظر گرفته شود. بنابراین طرح باید منطق بر تعلیمات "Zen"  می­ شد، بدون جدا کردن خود از محیط پیرامون و توپوگرافی محل و کارآمدی از نظر انرژی. در رابطه با مسئله انرژی، بنا، بر اساس قوانین سختگیرانه برنامه های minergy و  minergy-eco (نشان ثبت شده کیفیت برای ساختمانهای نو و مرمت شده با مصرف بهینه انرژی) کشور سوئیس، طراحی شد. این بنا، از منابع انرژی فعال و غیرفعال با تاکید بر تکنولوژی های خورشیدی و زمین گرمایی استفاده می کند. 

design paradigms builds eco-friendly jewel box villa in switzerland
jul 01, 2015
design paradigms builds eco-friendly jewel box villa in switzerland

design paradigms builds eco-friendly jewel box villa in switzerland
all images courtesy of design paradigms




the jewel box villa sits on a long, narrow plot with a significant level change throughout. overlooking the shores of one of lausanne, switzerland’s largest lakes, the client wanted a home to maximize views to both the south and west. to deal with the site’s topography, it was decided that the residence would take similar shape and be split into two levels. in addition to the primary rectangular form, an outer shell juts outwards and up, functioning as a green wall.

the relatively closed off north façade gives the home a sense of security and privacy  




owned by an environmental consultant, it was necessary that architects at design paradigms create a structure emblematic of the client’s image. also taken into account, was the owner’s experiences abroad in asia. the scheme thus needed to be zen, without separating itself from the natural landscape and local typology, and energy efficient. in regards to the latter, ‘jewel box villa’ is held to the strict regulations set out within swiss minergy and minergy-eco programs. the home uses both active and passive energy sources with particular focus on solar and geothermal technologies.

design paradigms jewel box villa switzerland designboom
driveway and footpath to back yard 




unfortunately, complying with the specific systems and materials put forth in swiss minergy standards placed a strain on the ideas of both the client and design paradigms. the compromised design still managed to maintain its commitment to local materials, and is built primarily with recycled concrete, steel, and wood. the outer shell is a multi-faced vertical garden that, aside from its aesthetic value, helps regulate heat-gain throughout the day. ‘jewel box villa’ was deemed as such thanks to the juxtaposed form, which gives the illusion that the home is being opened. glass and metal peek out from beneath, resembling the precious jewels within. 

green wall, east elevation

design paradigms jewel box villa switzerland designboom
kitchen and west terrace 

living room 

pool, south façade  

design paradigms jewel box villa switzerland designboom
western terrace 



project info:


name: jewel box villa
location: lausanne, switzerland
type: residential
floor area: 299.19m2
date: 2011-2014
architects: design paradigms
team: felix bonnier, so kwok yun, nicole ni



designboom has received this project from our ‘DIY submissions‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their own work for publication. see more project submissions from our readers here.


edited by: nick brink | designboom 

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